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Correctional Facilities

Rozene links inmates to doctors outside the facility. Tele-video capability in corrections facilities offers the benefits of cost reduction for guard services and time needed for transportation from the facility to the medical office. Most importantly, it also reduces risks associated with inmate transportation. The institution establishes a convenient setting in which tele-video can fulfill many medical specialty needs.

In most cases, existing nursing staff can provide the patient location support.

Quick Facts

  • Annually, approximately 60% of all inmates will need transportation outside of the facility for medical care.
  • Of those needing transportation 50% to 70% could be accomplished through tele-video means.
  • For every 1000 inmates $180,000 can be saved annually in transport costs.


  • Protocols standardize and provide consistency in identifying the duties and tasks at the provider and patient locations.
  • Rozene will define activities prior to, during, and after the appointment for each specialty.


  • Rozene can manage multiple providers for Tele-video appointments simultaneously.
  • Rozene will locate and engage specialty providers, as needed, to increase participation.


  • A centralized scheduling location is the optimum method for scheduling the details associated with tele-appointments.
  • Coordinating Tele-medicine appointments is time consuming, complicated and critical to the success of the encounter. And Rozene knows how to handle it.


  • Rozene will assist and advise on the appropriate equipment from the tele-video systems to remote patient monitoring, for the least cost.
  • Ownership of the Tele-video equipment usually rests with the facility in which the equipment is located
  • Rozene ensures a HIPAA compliant, encryption capable, and connection friendly equipment.