who we serve

Native American Populations

Rozene allows native citizens secure access to specialty care physicians, wherever they may be.

Living in remote locations, on or off reservations, makes access to specialty health services difficult for many native populations. This is why telemedicine has been used in improving access to care in native populations for many years.


In establishing the Telehealth protocols, Rozene will:
  • Provide consistency in identifying the duties and tasks at the provider and patient locations
  • Define activities prior to, during, and after the appointment
  • Provides standardized actions between sites as locations are added


The right medical staff are key to the success of Telehealth among native populations. Rozene will provide a network of doctors and mid-level providers available for tele-video appointments. Special attention and care are allocated to finding the right providers and staff who fulfill the needs of the population.


Coordinating Tele-medicine appointments is no easy task. But with Rozene’s expert set-up, a centralized scheduling location optimizes the details associated with tele-appointments. Telehealth appointments are scheduled through a secure web-based system.


  • Best reception for the least cost
  • HIPAA compliant system
  • High quality consistent video and audio