who we serve

Rural Hospitals

At Rozene, connecting urban doctors to rural and remote patients through tele-video technology is our business. Rozene connects rural locations, whose residents typically require travel to meet with specialty providers, to access doctors through tele-video means. Our services can significantly improve health care access in rural areas.

When it comes to rural communities and hospitals, we let the doctors do the doctoring, and let Rozene professionals do the scheduling.

What Rosene’s Telehealth Services Can Do

  • Reduce the need for provider travel to rural or distant locations
  • Locate and connect providers as the need arises.
  • Multi- disciplinary teams are easier than ever to connect
  • Minimize patient transportation time
  • Scheduling of tele-video appointments
  • Secure connections
  • Private data management, HIPAA compliant.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring capability
  • Store and Forward needs


  • Provide consistency in appointments from many patient locations.
  • Standardize the duties and tasks at the provider and patient locations.
  • Define activities prior to, during, and after the appointment.
  • Provides standardized actions between sites as locations are added


  • We can train existing staff or provide temporary professional staff to meet your telehealth goals.
  • We can also provide a service center for monitoring patients remotely for use in a 30-day readmission, home health or chronic disease management.
  • Rozene can link providers who are hard to reach to patients in need.
  • Rozene can also locate providers of various disciplines and specialities to meet patient needs.


  • Convenient, secure, centralized scheduling system
  • Provides visibility of both provider and patient appointments
  • Web based system for easy access
  • Simplifies a time consuming, complicated and extremely challenging process.


  • Best reception for the least cost
  • High quality consistent video and audio
  • Inexpensive computer based – HIPAA compliant high quality audio and video