what we provide

Rozene is poised to simplify the process of establishing, installing and operating tele-video medical appointments from urban providers into rural and remote locations. We know how to bring together the best people, prepare the best protocols, provide the most advanced state-of-the-art technology, and above all we know how to making scheduling Telehealth appointments a breeze.

The coordination needed for scheduling of tele-video appointments involves juggling the many details needed for the successful operation of a Telehealth system: doctor and patient availability, video equipment set-up and accessible at both locations, and patient room reservation. Rozene will handle all of that and more, as the need arises. Our aim is to help you provide outstanding medical care. We take care of all the details.

Whether you are just starting up with Telemedicine and require a full suite of services or you have an established system that needs some adjustments, Rozene can cater to your needs. Contact us to discuss customizable packages;and trust us with establishing your Telehealth network by putting together the four elements of success.

the foundation

Telehealth program installation and management is more than just the mere application of push-button know-how. Successful Telehealth programs depend on four essential components: people, protocols, scheduling, and equipment. Rozene brings all these elements together providing consultation, creation and/or management of all aspects of Telemedicine ensuring a smoothly operating and successfully run Telehealth program. It’s a paradigm shift from the status quo that requires fresh perspective and experience managing the shift. Also takes focused mgmt. oversight, the staff is already overworked.  It takes more than just basic technical knowledge to set-up and manage Telehealth programs. It takes Rozene’s expertise, dedication, and tried and tested best practices.

Only someone with Rozene’s experience can work with what you have and develop future capabilities ensuring you have established all four cornerstones of a successful Telehealth program.


A blueprint of the procedures, unique to each medical specialty, is what sets a strong telemedicine program apart from an unsuccessful attempt.  At Rozene, our protocols are developed with efficiency and effectiveness in mind to ensure:
  • Coordinated and smooth running appointments.
  • Defined set of expectations of the healthcare providers at the receiving end of the services (the patient location).
  • Standardized format of procedural requirements for booking, reporting and delivery of services.
  • Encounter-based payment system where billing occurs only when encounters are followed through and closed out properly.
  • Updated professional provider derived procedures.


Properly trained telehealth medical and support staff are essential to the success of the Telehealth program
  • Medical staff: specifically trained to handle Telemedicine equipment
  • Administrative staff: coordinate appointments and reservations.
  • Technical staff: install and troubleshoot equipment  


The coordination of interactive live sessions between multiple healthcare providers, sometimes even a team of multi-disciplinary healthcare specialists, in different locations has its own set of challenges. A smoothly running successful Tele-video appointment requires coordination of the following details: the provider, provider equipment, patient, patient location and patient-side equipment.

We, at Rozene, have the necessary know-how and the technology to ensure smooth scheduling via the following measures:
  • A scheduling system that is fully compliant with HIPAA
  • A secure web-based easy-access system interface
  • A centralized scheduling location to avoid conflicts
  • A system visible at both provider and patient location


State of the art technology is a must for a successful Telehealth system. At Rozene, our motto is “the right equipment for the right purpose.” If specialty equipment such as stethoscopes are needed, Rozene can assist with the selection and implementation. As for the quintessential component of the system, the tele-video means of connecting patients and their doctors, we ensure the following:
  • Use of affordable computer-based systems.
  • Ease of operation
  • Security of transmission and protection from intrusions and interference.
  • State-of-the-art HIPAA compliant systems

Our extensive experience as a Telemedicine service provider will ensure that you will get a well-rounded program tailored to your needs.